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Marleen Lammers


Marleen Lammers is a writer and accidental entrepreneur. She started her career as a journalist in the Netherlands, but was drawn by African adventures and spent the past decade living in Southern Africa. She’s the co-founder of Penda and Roots Interns, and writes on a freelance basis, and is part of Greenpop, a nonprofit organisation that runs reforestation and urban greening programs and African Impact. Her work with Greenpop - and her two tree-loving boys - inspired ‘The Boy and the Tree.’

Anja Stoeckigt

Anja Stoeckigt is a self-taught illustrator with an appreciation for the peculiar and everyday beautiful. She runs her own company, Paper Tales, and spends her day creating quirky stationery products, portraits, and framable prints. ‘The Boy and the Tree’ is the second picture book Anja illustrated, after ‘How Many Ways Can You Say Hello’.